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Hiya everyone!

We're delighted you've stopped by to read about our latest exploits and to see what we may be up to.  Hope we manage to keep you amused as you never know what we are going to be up to next.....

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  1. So Mummy has just looked out of the window and it is snowing. Whatever has happened to the weather - the Easter bunny should be hopping around by now!

    We love snow though - the first time we really saw it we weren't too sure, but once we realised we could throw it around and make snowmen it was much more fun!

    Mummy and Daddy have decided that instead of a big holiday this year we are going to have a few weekends away, and we went off to Clonakilty for the first one a couple of weeks ago. We stayed at the Quality Hotel - it really is a great place for little ones like us, and we had a great time in the play area and swimming. We stay in one of the apartments as Mummy says it is better than us annoying other guests!!! The food is especially yummy too.( )

    Talking of food, we are starting to develop very certain tastes - we love potatoes, chicken, cheese and bacon fries! It does take us a few goes before we really take to something - typical two year old fussy eaters. Mind you, the food on Mummy and Daddys plates always seems to taste nicer than ours.........

  2. Well, not school exactly, but Mummy has decided - shock horror - to send us to a creche!  

    It probably had alot to do with us trashing the lounge, never giving her a moments peace and generally running riot as only 2 year old twin boys can!

    Its only 3 mornings a week, and yes, it was hard to settle in, but we are getting to like it and make lots of new little friends. It helps us burn off a little of that excess energy, as well as learning lots of new skills. Personally we think Mummy and Daddy find it harder than we do - think they should make the most of the peace and quiet whilst they have it!

    On another note, these strange items have appeared throughout the house. We've heard them called 'Pottys' - our disallusioned parents seem to think we are interested in using them for the purpose they were created. Not likely! But they do make great racing cars/stepping stools/storage for our crayons etc - thats when we can find the crayons as they appear to keep being confiscated (it was the dog who drew on the walls Mum - honest!)


    We are at the age now where our personalities are really coming through.

    The terrible twos have the right name - we may not be quite 2 years old, but we can strop with the best! Be it lying on the floor kicking our legs (which Daddy seems to do quite well too!) or holding our breath and going bright red in the face, we are mastering tantrums well. We'd go so far as to say we could be heading for Gold medals!

    The artistic side is showing through too - Mummy brought us a brilliant blackboard easel where we can draw lots of piccies.  But hey - chalk is great for drawing EVERYWHERE! The red walls in the kitchen are prime targets, but we've also managed the laminate floor and curtains. Chill, Mummy, at least it rubs off (we will have to try and get our hands on the felt pens next)

    The awful weather meant days out are rare, and days to the seaside even rarer, so we now have a sand table - great fun, makes lots of mess but keeps us busy for ages.

    Daddy has a trampoline for us and he says if we ever get a dry day he will put it up!

    We are still creatures of routine though, and come 7pm on the dot are heading up the stairs for night-night.

    With our busy lives and taking in all the world has to offer, we need to recharge our batteries!


    There are a few things our Mummy loves - a lie in past 6am (rare), managing to eat her lunch without us hassling her for most of it (even rarer) and 10 minutes peace and quiet (now she's being ridiculous!)

    But there is one thing out Mummy loves more than anything else......

    Brown packing tape!

    Now any Mummy who has two little terrors like us will know how useful this underrated item is. At the moment our Mummy is using it to tape up the kitchen cupboard doors, the fridge, the freezer, the washing machine soap dispenser (shame as soap powder tastes YUMMY!), the condenser on the tumble drier and the piece of laminate on the kitchen floor that we managed to get up.

    We are thinking of marketing it as the 'must have' kitchen accessory (that along with jumbo elastic bands) - wonder if it will catch on?




    We had great fun today - Mummy and Daddy let us loose with the paint!

    A new experience for us, but we soon got the hang of it - using paint pads we got some great pictures with our handprints - although Mummy is still trying to get the blue paint from under our nails (easily washable with soap and water - not a hope!!!)

    We even managed to avoid getting any paint all over the living room, despite our best efforts with throwing a small bowl of paint across the room!

    Its the simple things in life that keep us happy....wonder what the dog will look like with a blue coat.........



    Well, those folks at cow and gate did a survey of things a toddler should do before they are 3. Its called a Potty List, and 1000 Mums were asked what should be on it.

    Some lovely things on there - picking fruit, jumping in puddles, being chased by a monster, climbing a big hill, riding on Daddys shoulders......, all nice things but, as toddler twins of the world, we decided they were a bit too tame so we now present our alternative Potty List!!

    Managing to get our toys to actually play on the DVD player

    Getting our hands on all the things we have managed to post behind the skirting board

    Actually managing to climb into the oven (or 'burn' as we thought it was called)

    Scaling the Christmas tree - never mind the one at home, a nice shop one will do!

    Breaking the record for Jelly throwing

    Doing anything Special agent Oso does (jet pack activated)

    Managing to eat a whole plate of cheese (cut the rationing out Mummy!)

    Having our attempts at painting the kitchen recognised as a work of art

    Actually managing to hit Daddys head when randomly flinging bricks

    Get Mummy to realise that the curtains really ARE a jungle vine

    Be allowed to pretend we are a doggy ALL day - those biccies really are yummy!


    We are sure we can think of many more, but hey ho, its a start!

    And for all the people who'd like to see what the original Potty list was a version can be found here

    Inspired by parents nationwide, and endorsed by nutritionist Amanda Ursell, psychologist Dr Richard Woolfson and trends forecaster Sean Pillot de Chenece, has released a ‘bucket list’ following suggestions from parents nationwide and endorsed by experts, that includes 36 top activities for ‘Little One-ders

    Off to make some inroads into our list!!



    We's been a while!  Let's say we've been up to our eyes in Santa and the like.  Who would have guessed this time of year was soooo exciting!

    We had some great pressies - a little sit on car each so we can practice running each other over, haring up and down the kitchen and generally creating more mayhem!  Lots of educational toys - although we still believe we can educate ourselves much better with examining the contents of the fridge/cupboards/reprogramming the washing machine.... And of course, lots of great clothes and other toys.

    New Year resolutions - well, to have as much fun as last year, Mummy would like us to get over our 'stranger' phobia so she could at least do one aisle of Tesco without us bellowing the place down, and of course, to get up and never mind walking, running!  Now that will be fun!

    Hope your 2012 is a good one xx



    Its a month since we last updated you - Mummy did try writing for us before but silly internet crashed and she lost our lovely story.....

    Well, our first birthday went off without a hitch.  We didn't really know what the big fuss was about - it wasn't like we felt any older!!  Mummy had a couple of tears and said something about us not being her babies anymore.  Babies - pah!  Not us.  We felt sorry for our lovely Godmother who bought us two fab coats in 18 - 23 months, only to have to change them for age 2 - 3 years!  Nothing to do with the food we eat.

    Talking of food Daddy got some great piccies of us shoveling birthday cake into out mouths - lovely cake it was with Mickey Mouse and Oso on it, two of our very favourite characters.  We had balloons too, but weren't to sure of those at first.

    We are getting very good at cruising around the furniture at the moment, and if Mummy and Daddy aren't watching we can manage a leg up onto he sofa.  We think they are starting to come round to our way of thinking (or have given up!) as now they just put cushions on the floor to break our fall.  And there was everyone telling us we were chunky monkeys and had loads of padding!!

    Anyway, its almost time for breakfast - little tummies need filling for the busy day ahead!



    Isn't it amazing how even little fellas our age have tastes for certain food?


    Take us for example.  Current favourites are - dog biscuits (kindly provided by Noodles the dog, he even brings them to us...) little paper dots from the hole puncher, speaker wires from the surround sound, Sudocream - has to be out of one of the handy little sample pots though as they are easy to open and our particular favourites are wet wipes - of course, the orange ones are the best but we aren't really that fussy.


    On a serious note we can demolish Jam Donoughts in a minute (don't tell the Health Visitor :) ) and have quite a sweet tooth - but we blame Mummy for that.  We love cheesy food as well.


    Anyway, preparations are well under way for our big day next Sunday - YAY!!!! we are going to be one year old! We've a few special guests coming to help celebrate, its an exciting day for us - we think Mummy is a little sad we are growing up so fast, but hey - at least shes going to have a fab number of Tesco clubcard points with all the food we eat!


    We must go now as its definitely bedtime.  We'll let you all know how the party goes.



    Afternoon all! 


    We've been very bad at keeping you up to date with our adventures - blame Mummy, she is always saying she hasn't got 10 pairs of hands. She would need a few more pairs with us!


    There have been alot of welcome visitors to our house in the last few weeks - firstly Nanna and Grandad, and then our lovely Aunty and cousins came over to see us.  It was great fun having other children around to play with, made a change from kicking the china cabinets and trying to kick the flat screen tv over (note to Mummy - hurry up and buy the wall bracket or you will be looking at a new tv...)


    And we got to show off our latest skill - climbing over everything (or everybody).  We liken ourselves to steam rollers - get in our way and we will just roll or climb all over you.  Sit in the right place and we can use you to try and climb onto the window ledge.  We are currently both sporting matching bruises on our foreheads from falling out of the chair and pulling a drawer onto our heads.  No doubt there will be more to come, but we are sturdy lads and just brush ourselves down and look for the next place to create havoc.


    Mummy said someone was asking for pictures of us on the website - we're a little shy at the moment so we'll think about that one, and besides, it can be fun imagining what terrors we actually look like!


    Anyway, off to demolish something else!!!!